Change Management

Change Management

Implementing and managing changes in a planned and systematic fashion can be vital to the success of each project. With this in mind, the tools (CASE Spec, Visual Trace Spec) automatically maintains all versions of entered requirements, test cases and other artifact changes. This means that users may revert back to any version of a particular requirement, test case, or other artifacts, with a single click.

The change management feature also allows users to generate reports of artifacts change histories at any time, making the task of viewing the timeline and history of changes simple. the tools also provide a baselining feature for maintaining snapshots of data. In addition, users can manage change requests within the same framework – providing full control for the change management process.

Full graphical and tabular traceability is provided with drill-down to lower levels for impact analysis of changes. A change in an object, such as a user requirement, automatically flags directly and indirectly linked objects (e.g., test steps) as a suspect, to be re-evaluated.

You can also manage Change Requests along with requirements, test cases, and other artifacts.