CASE Spec’s centralized repository makes it easy for project stakeholders to collaborate on requirements specifications regardless of where they are located.  CASE Spec can be easily deployed for local and globally dispersed teams, and its server can be run as service.  CASE Spec includes an enterprise embedded database that requires zero-configuration without additional costs.


Project stakeholders receive notifications directly from CASE Spec.  The built-in notification system relays requirements comments, reviews and discussions and automatically attaches them to the related requirements as threads.  This gives users access to all of the relevant information regarding a requirement.  You can set the notifications to be sent to the built-in notification center and/or to users’ emails, as desired.

Access Control and Security

Access control is very granular with rights assigned at the group or individual level. This makes it easy to provide limited access to external staff, contractors, clients or vendors. For example, you can provide read-only access to functional requirements and read/write access to user requirements.

CASE Spec also provides built-in encryption for secure data transfer that locks down proprietary information. Other security features include automatic password resetting, enforcing minimum password length and much more.