• Simplify Requirements Specification & Traceability

    Why pay more for less
    when you can have more and pay less?

    Forget the expensive software or the incomplete solutions in the market.

    CASE Spec was created to challenge the industry and offer you an all-in-one solution. We melt together the power of word processors, spreadsheets and databases that work in harmony to allow you to effectively track requirements and specify systems.

  • Is CASE Spec for You?

    CASE Spec was created for practical people who want a complete solution that combines effectiveness with affordability. It is ideal for any of the following industries:

    Software Development
    Embed Systems
    Systems Development
    Product Development

Advanced Specification Tool

Specify systems with users’ stories, use cases, and lists of hierarchical requirements. Specifications can also include diagrams (use cases, activities, sequences, packages, state machines, classes, objects, components) and embedded objects (RTF fragments, such as formatted text, tables, and images).

Now, you can migrate from a Document-Centric Process to a Database-Centric Process in a heartbeat with a truly effective lifecycle management solution for software/systems development.

Requirements management tool

Easily Analyze Systems

CASE Spec possesses a unique set of analysis and reporting tools, making it a ground-breaking lifecycle management application for software/systems development – from start to finish.

Rely on award-winning analysis tools that provide visual and tabular traceability. A matrix displays the complex relationships between requirements and artifacts (user stories, use cases, design elements, test cases, issues, project documents). Automatically generate traceability, gap, and impact-analysis reports.

Powerful Features

  • Complete Lifecycle Management: From the development phase to the post-release, CASE Spec covers everything from start to finish.
  • Interface with Other Tools: Use built-in import tools for Word, Excel, XML, and much more.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with team members no matter where they are in the world.
  • Specification: Specifying systems becomes easier than ever with CASE Spec.
  • Track Requirements: Combined power of a word processor and a spreadsheet.
  • Traceability: Award-winning analysis tools that provide visual and tabular traceability.
  • Change and Configuration Management: The integrated automatic history tracking and baselining features for projects’ artifacts make development simpler and more effective.
  • Document Generation and Management: Generate and manage documents in a matter of seconds.


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