Advanced Requirements Tool

CASE Spec, from Goda Software, provides solutions to the complex problems of managing the Software & Systems Development Life Cycle. CASE Spec provides a simple, easy to use approach that avoids the steep (and expensive!) learning curves of other approaches. Unlike more complex tools, it is easy to administer and configure, and can be adopted without risk of project delays. Its full life cycle support can be integrated into your project smoothly and effectively.

CASE Spec is a “hassle free” tool for:

  • Requirement specification & requirements management
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Collaboration
  • Traceability analysis
  • Design specification and documentation
  • Testing
 tick1 Say goodbye to word processors & spreadsheets
 tick1 Make change & configuration management a snap
 tick1 Solve traceability problems forever
 tick1 Easily customize & reuse
 tick1 Use your own customized process


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