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If you are searching for a real requirements management tool, your search is over!

Since 2008, developers and project managers have been using CASE Spec for software and systems development projects. Why?

 tick1 CASE Spec provides every feature needed for requirements specification, test case specification and complete lifecycle management
 tick1  CASE Spec is the market’s most affordable, powerful and flexible tool for managing software and systems development projects
 tick1  It’s fully enterprise–ready, with AES encryption for data transmission, multi-site collaboration, and multi-time zone support
 tick1 CASE Spec is a high performance tool that’s scalable from small projects with a few users to large projects with hundreds of users
 tick1  It has secure, customizable features for effective collaboration and project control
 tick1 CASE Spec offers hassle-free deployment and simple license management


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Unified Requirements Management Tool for Software & Systems Development

The Most Powerful and Flexible Requirements Tool


Requirements Management
CASE Spec provides the combined power of a spreadsheet and word processor to manage requirements, but it is easier to use and is much more powerful. CASE Spec:

  • Enables multiple users to work concurrently on requirements;
  • Features automatic version control;
  • Allows you to designate graphical parent-child relationships;
  • Enables you to link requirements to other artifacts;
  • And much more
CASE Spec is the only tool on the market that provides the following unique traceability features:

  • Multi-level/bidirectional (forward and backward) traceability .
  • Link types for managing relationships. Optionally, link types can have user defined attributes.
  • A graphical tool to create relationships visually.
  • Direct and indirect impact-of-change reporting.
  • Matrix view for complete filtering and analysis for generating trace reports.
  • Exporting/printing for gap, impact and trace analysis reports
Test Case Management
With CASE Spec, you can link test cases to requirements. The traceability feature can then be used to assess the impact of requirements changes on test cases. CASE Spec makes it easy to implement an effective software testing strategy that assures the quality and value of the final software product. CASE Spec’s centralized repository makes it easy for project stakeholders to collaborate on requirements specifications regardless of where they are located. CASE Spec can be easily deployed for local and globally dispersed teams. Project stakeholders receive notifications directly from CASE Spec.  The built-in notification system relays requirements comments, reviews and discussions and automatically attaches these to the related requirements as threads. This gives users access to all of the relevant information regarding a requirement.


 Simplify Your Requirements Process

 tick1 Say goodbye to word processors &and spreadsheets.
 tick1 Make change and configuration management a snap.
 tick1 Solve traceability problems forever.
 tick1 Easily customize and reuse.
 tick1 Use your own customized process.
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Fully Enterprise Ready

64 Bit Server


CASE Spec includes 64-bit database servers to scale with your organization needs – from 1 to 1000s of concurrent users. Our server can also store virtually unlimited numbers of projects and related documents in CASE Spec’s central database, which is expandable to many terabytes (TB).



Multi-Site/Multi-Time Zone Support


With CASE Spec, globally-dispersed teams may collaborate via a central repository and access data in real-time through a high-performance client. The repository stores data per the standard UTC Time zone, but it automatically converts stored-data/documents times to each user’s local time zone.



Advanced Security

Requirements Management

You can control access to CASE spec by enabling optional active directory validation (through the centralized active directory management system).You can control access to CASE spec by enabling optional active directory validation (through the centralized active directory management system).

In addition to active directory validation, CASE Spec provides several features to secure your system: AES encryption for data transmission; specifying password length and other parameters; auto-reset password after a specified number of days; and a user activity log.