Requirements Life Cycle Tool

Specify, Analyze, Verify and Validate your Systems

CASE Spec, from Goda Software, provides solutions to the complex problems of managing the Software & Systems Development Life Cycle . The framework provided by CASE Spec includes requirement definition, software design, software test, and project management. With CASE Spec you can respond to changing client needs quickly, effectively, and without loss of focus.

CASE Spec provides a simple, easy to use approach that avoids the steep (and expensive!) learning curves of other approaches. Unlike more complex tools, it is easy to administer and configure, and can be adopted without risk of project delays. Its full life cycle support can be integrated into your project smoothly and effectively.

CASE Spec is a “hassle free” tool for:

  • Requirement specification and document generation
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Collaboration
  • Traceability analysis
  • Software testing

Requirements Management

CASE Spec is a requirements driven, repository based approach to the SDLC. It provides a common understanding among the stakeholders by focusing on the requirements that will be addressed by the software project. This promotes the kind of effective communication between developers and stakeholders that characterizes successful projects.

CASE Spec classifies requirements using a standard approach that applies uniformly to all projects. Requirements are linked in a way that allows traceability between requirements  (parent/child) and between requirements and delivered software components. This assures both that all business needs are met and that software developers stay focused on real user needs. With these structures in place, CASE Spec can generate complete system documentation in many different formats.

CASE Spec requirements tracking facilities include:

  • Automatic tag generation
  • User defined numbering
  • Importing requirements
  • User defined attributes
  • Bi-directional linking
  • Link types and link attributes

Project Control

Requirements can be assigned to software developers to provide project control and assure that software developers are building the system the users need. When a requirement is assigned, a notification  will be sent automatically to the developer providing instantaneous communication and assuring accountability.Management level reports use these status indicators to produce powerful graphical reports on project progress.


CASE Spec provides a collaborative environment where users, project managers, and software developers share a common pool of project information and work together toward a common goal of effective software development. Project managers know the status of each developer’s work. Developers know what is expected of them and have an effective way of communicating concerns to management. Developers know what fellow developers are doing and how this may impact them. And finally, users are kept informed to assure ongoing support for the project.

requirements management tool

Software Testing

With CASE Spec, test cases can be linked to requirements. The traceability feature can then be used to assess the impact of requirement changes on test cases. CASE Spec makes it easy to implement an effective software testing strategy that assures the quality and value of the final software product.

Role Identification

CASE Spec supports both multiple projects and multiple developers. Project members are organized into groups that reflect their project roles. Typical roles are: User, Project Manager, System Analyst, and Software Developer. Each group can be assigned rights that reflect their proper scope of control. For example, System Analysts can modify requirements but Developers cannot.

Traceability and Change Management

CASE Spec automatically maintains all versions of changed requirements and provides the ability to revert to any previous version. Historical reports also available.

CASE Spec has powerful traceability analysis feature which allows the analyst to access the impact of changing requirements.  An attractive graphical display gives a picture of how requirements are related to one another and how changes to one requirement impacts others. This provides the analyst with the information needed to maintain the integrity of the requirements model throughout the life cycle.

Traceability Graphs
Traceability Graphs

Affordable & Powerful Requirements Tool

CASE Spec is a low cost, low overhead tool for managing the SDLC and other life cycle processes.  Its integration of requirement specification, document management, and team collaborations is unique in its price range. If you are responsible for the effectiveness of the product development process, then CASE Spec deserves your consideration.